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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brahms' Sonatas for Viola and Piano

Starting with this CD, I've decided to keep a listener's record, to remind me of my thoughts at the time of listening. (I've also ordered a more detailed notebook, which I'll use once the cahier journals run out.) I put my jazz thoughts on the left side, and the classical thoughts on the right side.

The CD on which I've worked is the second of a two CD set which features Pinchas Zukerman (playing the violin and viola) and Daniel Barenboim (on piano).

The viola with piano sonatas are numbered 1 and 2 of opus 120, late in the composer's career. The first is in F minor. The opening movement of the first sonata is a combination of loud drama and beautiful lyricism. The second movement is very sweet, annotated "Andante un poco adagio." Movement 3 is full of happy-go-lucky music, almost dancelike. The final fourth movement is fast and lively. There is so much sound of full music that I had to remind myself that I was listening to only two instruments.

Sonata No. 2 opens lyrically; a pretty first movement. The second movement opens with a fast tempo, followed by a slower, wonderful theme.

It was at this point in my note-taking that I realized I can't break down the two works. Every time I listen I hear something that I missed before. At this rate, I could go through multiple notebooks and still not tire of hearing the music. I only wish there were more than two of them.

As an introduction, here is the first movement of sonata No. 2.